BALTIC Flyfisher Lifejacket


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The Baltic Flyfisher is the Elite sport fishermans choice, due to it’s extra short body to enable wearing while wading, the left mounted firing system to keep your right side clear from bulky items while fly fishing and the field green outer cover to stop you standing out in your surroundings. The internal bladder is the normal bright yellow with reflective stripes that you would expect from all lifejackets. The Flyfisher camo has a inspection window fitted so you can visibly see the two indicators on the automatic valve, showing green if the lifejacket is ready for use and many other great features

  • Window so you can see if
  • Burst zip system
  • Fleece collar
  • Six reflective strips
  • Lifting becket
  • Velcro patch for holding fly patches
  • D ring at the back for landing net
  • 40-150kg


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