Lifejacket Servicing

RISE is an accredited lifejacket service station based in Inverness. Our staff have been accredited by several manufacturers to carry out their life jacket inspections, and we can also inspect SOLAS lifejackets.

Fall Arrest Inspection

RISE offers fall arrest equipment inspection throughout the Highlands of Scotland. We can clean, inspect and log all forms of fall arrest equipment as well as offering health and safety advice.

Asset tracking App

RISE introduced a new asset tracking app and management system which is efficient and cost-effective way of managing safety equipment by simplifying information capture and reduce errors.


RISE is a small company based in Inverness, Scotland, who offer safety equipment inspection services to both domestic and commercial customers. Here at RISE safety is paramount, and all our staff are accredited and certified to inspect both lifejackets with RFID scanners and fall arrest equipment to LOLER regulations.

If you work with fall arrest equipment you will be aware of how important it is to ensure that your equipment is fit for purpose. falling from hight is the number one cause of serious accidents at work, at RISE we will take the stress out of the equation when it comes to your safety equipment and ensure that your staff are kept safe and your equipment well inspected and logged.

When it comes to your lifejacket it is paramount that it works when needed. To ensure that it does you should have it inspected and certified every 12 months (or sooner depending on use). When you send your lifejacket to RISE, we will inspect and accredit it to both the manufacturers and all SOLAS requirements.


Find your nearest drop-off point.

RISE have several drop-off and pick-up points throughout the Highlands and Moray. All you need to do is go to your nearest drop-off point with your lifejacket and that's it. We will collect your jacket, inspect it and return it to the drop-off point.